Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mar’s unRoxas remark

Senator Manuel “Mar” Araneta Roxas II, is a scion of the Roxas family, name bearer of the late post-Commonwealth President Manuel Roxas and flag bearer of the Roxas clan. Senator Mar is known for being the Philippine politics’ Mr Palenke, and the senatorial candidate who received the most number of votes in the 2004 Senatorial Elections. He is called a technocrat, very fluent in public matters related to business and the economy. He is also known for his well mattered approach on public issues, almost a statesman like his father, the late Senator Gerry Roxas. He is not well known however for losing his control in the public and for using expletives.

Mar’s remark in last Friday’s anti Charter Change rally somehow reversed what Mar Roxas is known for. Mar, in an apparent display of utter dismay to the House of Representatives’ move to push through with amending or revising the Constitution exclaimed “Putang Ina! …Patayin ang Gloria-forever Cha-cha na ito!” [Let’s kill this Gloria-forever Charter change!].

Mar’s used of expletive and improper decorum got varied reactions from the public, most however are negative. Government spokesperson Sec Jesus Dureza lamented Roxas’ remark which he tagged as “stooping down so low level in his tirade”. Others saw it as a desperate attempt to gain traction in his bid to be a viable candidate in the 2010 Presidential Elections.

Roxas refused to retract or apologize for his remark. He said that he is just being true to himself and that he is just speaking out his mind. I acknowledged the fact that there are issues that will test our patience and resolve to be calmed. Being in a democratic country, everyone are entitled to express their opinion and feelings in any way they deemed proper and judged as not violable of other’s right. However, being a public figure and a Presidential candidate, Mar should have practiced restraint in expressing his opposition towards the issue in contention. Senator Mar’s used of expletive and inappropriate words is uncalled for.

To be President takes a lot of patience and appropriate temperament. If Senator Mar doesn’t have proper temperament in dealing with issues, then he should reconsider his run for President.

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Jules said...

people say things they don't mean sometimes. its ok with me. expletives are fun! lol

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